Best professional liability insurance

Best Professional Liability Insurance

professions The best Professional Liability Insurance information is provided here from an established and trustworthy source.

professions  Professional Liability Insurance is used by many professionals including consultants, brokers and agents of various sorts, including public notaries, appraisers, real estate brokers, insurance agents, architects, landscape architects, engineers, land surveyors, attorneys, third-party business administrators, quality control specialists, nondestructive testing analysts, medical professionals, managerial consultants and information technology service providers (but there are specific Errors & Omissions Insurance policies for software developers, home inspectors, website developers, etc.) and many others.

For proof of insurance typically you need a Certificate of Insurance (COI). A COI is an official document which states all coverages and limits to your Professional Liability Insurance policy. It can prove that you actually have Professional Liability Insurance coverage.

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Liability Insurance
in-and-of-itself is designed to offer specific protection against third-party insurance claims, that means payment is not typically made to the insured, but rather to someone suffering loss.

When a claim is made the insurance carrier is expected to defend the insured.

Contractual Liability is liability that's assumed by another party as a result of a contractual agreement, (the “hold harmless” clause.) It often is not covered under liability insurance policies.

Commercial liability is an important segment for the insurance industry.

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professions Types of Professional Liability Insurance and Related Insurance Include: General Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Third-party Insurance, Business Insurance, Indemnity Insurance, Malpractice Insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance, Business Owner's Policy, Professional Liability Policy, Professional Indemnity Policy, Small Business Liability Insurance, E&O Insurance, Indemnity Health Insurance.

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